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Val Weavers mum
If you want my email let me know on here and I will.send it to you Dave. Missing weaver just like you miss You miss shorty xx
Val Weavers mum
A candle for shorty hope your having fun at Rainbow Bridge with weaver. Love to your dad hoping all is well and I have new email
Dave Shortys Dad
March now old lady,still cold but getting lighter, soon be time for long walks I hope you are right there beside us having fun
Dave Shortys Dad
February lots of snow you loved the snow I will be watching our snow videos you chasing snowballs, they were good times Old Girl
Dave Shortys Dad
Another year begins without you my old girl another year closer to being with you again, always in our hearts and thoughts
Val Weavers mum
Weaver Shorty enjoy yourselves. We miss you so much and I don’t think it will ever get easier we miss you every day xx
Val Weaver mum
Sending love at Christmas to Shorty and his family. It’s so sad without our fur babies especially at Christmas play happily with
Dave Shortys Dad
Christmas month old girl you loved your presents from Santa watched some videos of you today we laughed and cried, miss you Shorty
Dave Shortys Dad
Really winter now very cold we never liked the cold me and you but we did like playing in the snow old girl, missing you every day
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Dave shortys dad
Not ever forgotten my old girl talk about you every day, remembering all the good times we had.
Val Weavers mum
Wasn’t well. So I am lighting a candle for dear Shorty and hoping you are well Dave and family
Val Weavers mum
A very sad time for me. But I wished Weaver happy birthday and thought I must contact Dave How is your other dog if I remember she
Val Weavers mum
Hi to Shorty hope all is well and your playing happily at Rainbow Bridge. Hi to Dave hope your well sorry not been in touch been
Dave, Shortys Dad
September and raining, we never liked the rain me and you old girl much prefered in front of a warm fire, still missing you a lot.
Dave, Shortys Dad
August and still very warm, missing our long walks but taking Dixie now hope your happy old girl, missing you more than ever
Dave, Shortys Dad
July and a heatwave, we never liked the heat me an you old girl, still missing you and we talk about you every day, rest well.
Bonnie's mom
Sending love to your parents. They still light candles for you baby girl. You are a beautiful girl, just like my BonBon.
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