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Shortys Special Area
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Jourden (Michi's Mama)
Shorty, you are a beautiful angel who was loved and are still loved and will always be remembered. Rest in peace.
chris lyttle (joeys dad)
Rest in peace shorty its true our eternity awaits us we will all be together one day god bless
Dave Livingstone(Shortys Dad)
Your muddy footprints on the couch are fading now, our memories of you never will my old lady, be patient, our time will come.
Dave Livingstone(Shortys Dad)
4 Months you have been gone, it seems like only yesterday, every minute of the day I still think about you,rest well Shorty
Linda Eddie's Mom
Sweet Shorty, I am sending tons of hugs & kisses to you. You are loved and missed so very much and always will be. xxoo
Ozzy's Mom
Shorty looked very loved, both while she was alive and now that she has passed. Your memorials are beautiful.
Elaine (Shorty's Mum)
Its been four month and I still Ithink of you every day everything I do and wherever I go I imagine you with me.
Pumpkin's dad
Lighting a candle for a beautiful looking dog. May she rest in peace.
Bueno's & Presto's Mom
Shorty, Blessings and Peace to your loving Mom & Dad who miss you so much. Watch over them and be with them always.
Rocco┬┤s mom
Your dog was beautiful too.. thanks for sharing those poems
Linda Eddie's Mom
Hi Sweetheart, Been thinking of you. I hope you are playing with Eddie. He must love you. Have a good night darling. xxoo
Elaine (Shorty's Mum)
Didnt forget you on the 1st, just had no time. Hope you are enjoying the holiday, I know you are with us.
Dave Livingstone(Shortys Dad)
Missing You on this holiday my old lady,you would have been loving it, it is really hard without you.
Dave Livingstone(Shortys Dad)
3 months already old lady, going on holiday tomorrow without you, it is going to be very hard, I miss you so much.
Linda Eddie's Mom
Hi Beautiful Girl! I smile so much looking at your pictures honey. What a doll you are! I You are so missed & loved honey! xxo
My condolences. Shorty seemed like an amazing sweet dog, may she rest in peace and live forever in memory.
Shorty, I know you are happy running around rainbow bridge with a lot of new lovely friends! And many candles for you!
jasmin (courage's sister)
Sorre. for y'alls lost. May she rest in peace.
Bill -Reese's dad
A candle in your honor Shorty. So many years of love with your family!
Tracy" Peewee's Mommy"
R.I.P. Shorty.. I can tell you were loved very much!
Linda Eddie's Mom
Hey Shorty, I had to come by & see you, you make me smile. Have fun with all your pals at the Bridge little one. xxoo
Sandra (Frankie Garza's Mom)
So sorry for your loss. I understand the pain you are going through. Shorty is in a beautiful place now and at complete peace.
Daisy Mae's Mom Lisa Reid
So sorry for your loss. You will be together again in heaven. Praying for you.
Daniel(Taco's Daddy Forever)
Beautiful memorial well-loved. Rest easy littlt angel.
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