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Shortys Special Area
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4 years Shorty, feels like longer. Hope you're watching over dad and Lilly, shes not ur replacement, just a new friend xxx
Zoey's mommy
RIP little Shorty. I hope you and Zoey have made friends by now. Two precious little angels. We miss you both.
Layla's dad
Thank you for lighting a candle for Layla It Helps!RIP shorty and good luck with new family member.
Val weavers mum
Happily at Rainbow Bridge its a sad time for your family to because your anniversary is coming up so visit them in their dreams xx
Val Weaver's mum
Shorty please give my Weaver a hug for me its his 2nd anniversary tomorrow and i miss him so much i hope your both playing
Sue Norberts Mum
Hello Shorty and Dad, remembering you with Love, Sue and Norby xx
Dave (Shorty's Dad)
May already, still cold and damp, I hope you are watching the new wee girl in the house she has a lot to live up to my old lady
Rachel, Chopin's Mom
RIP cutie pie. It is obvious you are loved dearly.
Lili (Daphne's sis)
Shorty is such a beautiful dog. She is in a better place. Rest in peace baby girl.
val weavers mum
He will be pleased you are going to give another dog lots of love and care its the best thing you could have done lv xx
val weavers mum
Sending love to Shorty hoping that you are playing with Weaver at Rainbow Bridge to Dave and Elaine Shorty wont mind at all he
Dave (Shorty's Dad)
Well old lady we got another little rescue dog today I hope you dont mind but I will never expect her to replace you.
val weavers mum
Good morning Shorty glad to be able to visit your page again hope you are playing with Weaver happily at Rainbow Bridge xx
Dave (Shorty's Dad)
April already you were nobody's fool were you little mutt you knew so much in that little head missing you more than ever old lady
Sue Norberts Mum
Just a little Love send to Shorty and Dad from me and Norby xx
Shadows Family
Those we love remain with us,for love itself lives on. Rest in peace Shorty xx
Val Weavers Mum
Sending love to Shorty hope your having fun at Rainbow Bridge with Weaver. Dave lost your email can you email me thanks Val
Krystal (Casey's Mom)
Rest in Peace Shorty.
Dave(Shortys Dad)
On it goes old lady spring already time marches on, we are still thinking and talking about you every day, rest well Shorty Mutt.
Dave(Shortys Dad)
This would have been your 5th leap year our old lady and the first since you have been gone, thinking about you today as always
Chris (Luca's Uncle)
Sweet little Girl, our Luca is with you now, and you can both play together. Your Daddy's missing you too with so much love.
val weavers mum
Sending love to you Shorty play happily with Weaver and all your friends, sending love to Dave god bless xx
val weavers mum
Happy birthday and Valentines day Shorty
Dave (Shorty's dad)
Have a happy birthday old lady, I hope there is plenty of chicken and ice cream for you,we are thinking of you today as always
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